Friday, March 26, 2010

Delicate caramel

1. Apply basic skin and base makeup.
1-1: Use a brow pencil to create the illusion of darker and fuller eyebrows (this adds appeal to the eyecolor! : D)
1-2: Use a pink blush with light purple/lilac tints where the arrows are marked.
2. Using a shadow that is similar to your skin shade, apply it all over the eyelids as a base.
3. Using a pearl-based/shimmery color that is similar to your base shade, apply it slightly lower on your eyelids than the first shade, sweeping down towards the tear ducts (try to keep it natural-looking). You should be able to see the shimmer near your tear ducts once the shadow's been applied.
4-1: Use a cocoa colored shadow up to the crease of your eye.
4-2: To emphasize the shape of your eyes, use the same shadow and apply a natural-looking shade in the indicated area.
5. Apply a caramel colored eyeshadow slightly thickly on the lower eyelids.
6. Use a pencil liner to apply a slight flick at the outer corner of your upper eyes.
7. Apply a thin line of eyeliner on your waterline.
8. Add mascara for the finishing touch!

Credits to Sixywon, Ulzzang pony, & DAJUNG.

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