Friday, March 26, 2010


1. Apply basic foundation. If your skin's NOT oily, skip powder.
2. Use a shadow that's slightly darker than your skin color and contour as shown in the picture. DO NOT OVERDO IT!
3. Highlight the part circled in the picture with lighter color.
4. Apply caramel colored shadow in the circled area
5. Apply a bit darker color than 4 on the circled area
6. Apply a bit darker color than shadow used in 5 on the circled area
7. Line your top lashline as if filling in spaces between the lashes and extend out a bit longer than usual. (It's okay to overdo it a bit. ha ha.)
8. Apply thin line of eyeliner on the bottom than make it thinker on the outer corner of your eye to the red line.
9. Use the eye shadow used in 4 to apply on the circled area
10. Say the 10-1 picture is step 8. Than the 10-2 picture is step 9 with the eye shadow.Don't forget mascara!

Credits to Sixywon, Ulzzang pony, & chocolatvache

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