Friday, March 26, 2010

Gold cat

1. Apply basic skin and base makeup. For a healthy and glossy look, do not use powder. Since this look will emphasize the eyes, fill in your eyebrows very lightly and highlight the shaded areas.
2. Use an orangey/bronze blush on your cheekbones, following the direction of the arrows. If you don't have any, a lipstick of a similar color will suffice.
3. Use a bit of concealer in the shaded area as your base (color pigment up!)
4. Next, we're going to use some gold powder shadow but it has the tendancy to loose its vividness and crumble when applied, so mix it with a bit of lotion/cream and apply it in the shaded area.
5. Use a brown shadow in the marked area. This will give your eyes depth and make them look bigger.
6. Use a black eyeshadow where shown. It's a good idea to place a tissue or something beneath your eye so the loose powders from the shadow won't ruin your skin makeup.
7. Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner and create a flick at the end.
8. Since this look is supposed to put emphasis on your eyes, too much color on your lips can make your makeup look tacky. Kill pigmentation in your lips with a tiny bit of concealer and apply a clear gloss on top.
9. Finish with mascara!

Credits to Sixywon, Ulzzang pony, & DAJUNG.

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