Friday, March 26, 2010

Pink Sparkle

1. Apply basic skin and base makeup.
2. Use a cream colored shadow all over the eyelids (this will make the colors that you'll use next look more vivid).
3. Use a highly metallic/glittery silver colored eyeshadow and apply it up to the marked line (the glitter pigments should be large for a more shimmery look)
4. Apply a pink eyeshadow in the indicated areas, tapering slightly upwards near the ends of your eye.
5. Use a hot pink eyeshadow and draw it over the previous shade, but be careful that you start from about 2/3 across your upper eyelid (where the white line is drawn).
6. Draw a line on your lower eyelids using a white pearl shadow stick within the marked area. Make sure the line gets thinner as you near the outter corner.
7-1: Draw a thin line of eyeliner close to your lashline.
7-2: Use eyeliner on your waterline all the way to the inner corner.
7-3: Connect your eyeliner at the corner of your eyes so that you get a cat-like effect.
8. Curl your lashes.
9. Finally mascara!

Credits to Sixywon, Ulzzang pony, & DAJUNG.

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